Date: 16/01/2018
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Overloading Outlets & Other Common Electrical Safety Mistakes
Are you making one of these common electrical safety mistakes? We see folks all too often overloading outlets or forcing old 2 prong plugs into newer 3 prong outlets. These can both be serious safety concerns and can be fixed without much difficulty. If you find yourself doing one these in your home or business Contact Us Today
Plugging too many items into a single power strip can present a fire hazard. Never overload outlets with more than one adaptors. Instead, relocate the cords in another area. Daisy chaining more than one power strip together can also create a safety hazard and significantly increase the risk of overloading the circuit. Instead of daisy chaining your power strips together, call Thompson Electric today to install extra outlets.


Forcing a three pronged plug into a two pronged outlet can be even more dangerous homeowners should always use the right receptacles for each type of plug. Call Thompson Electric to install three prong outlets.

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If you are local to the greater Nashville area and need commercial or residential electrical improvements Contact Us Today.

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