To the owner of Thompson Electric,

I would like to take this time to tell you about the encounter that I have had with two of your employees. Namely, Scott and Jason who in my opinion are exemplary employees.

I first talked with Scott, when my wife and I were needing an electrician to change out the batteries in our smoke detectors and rehang a bathroom light fixture. This might sound like a simple job to you, but when your doctor restricts you from climbing a ladder and you don't want your wife doing this either, it becomes necessary to get some one else.

I failed to mention that the woman who took my call initially could not have been any nicer, as well as being very cordial and efficient. The next day Scott called me back to schedule an electrician to do the job. He was very flexible in getting someone scheduled around my schedule and my wife's.

Jason came out to our home right on time, if not a little earlier which we were well pleased about. As Jason went about the house he made sure not to make any mess or cause any damage at all. He was very polite, and extremely friendly, he knew what to do and got to those tasks. All in all he seemed very confident and professional.

As Jason went about his work my wife and I talked about how great a guy he was and he knew his business. We both commented to each other that we needed to get him to do another task which was more extensive. So while he was here we asked him if he would give us an estimate on installing six can spot lights in our living room as well as installing a self contained fan and light kit in the same area. I guess we both knew that we were going to do it, no matter the cost, but we would request that only Jason do it.

Just to say that this job was done exceptionally is truly an understatement.

Once we purchased the fan, we contacted Thompson Electric. Once again the woman on the other end of the line was very helpful and even tried to chase down Scott for us to talk to him then. But she would give him the information when he returned.

Scott did call me back and I gave him the days that my wife and I would be at home together. These dates were very limited plus we wanted only Jason to do the job. I am sure that Scott had to go through some hoops to accomplish this scheduling for us. Well yesterday was the day for Jason to do the job and once again he was right on time, as pleasant as before, with a great attitude. He carefully thought through the placements and professionally mapped out the location of these lights. At one point he needed an extra set of hands, and yes, Scott made his way here to help out. Just to say that this job was done exceptionally is truly an understatement. We could not have been more thrilled with the outcome of this project. Truly the completed job exceeded our expectations.

When Jason was wrapping up our job and he was loading up the truck I heard him talking to a woman, so I went out there to find out what was happening. The woman said that she saw his truck and was hoping he could shed some light on a problem she was having at her home. He said he would stop by, because he was waiting on Scott to complete the cost of our job. He told me that he would go to the woman's house and see what the problem could be. When he came back he told me that he wasn't sure of what her problem was, but as soon as he got back to the office he would get an answer and call her back. Yes, and I knew that he would do exactly that. Truly, he went the extra mile for this widow woman that was in distress.

In closing the icing on the cake for me besides Jason's great work. Was when Jason shared with me what this company's objective is its mission statement. I just knew that there was something different about your company and now I know. It's based on and run accordingly with principles of Jesus Christ at the forefront.

Your commitment in supporting these 8 missionaries speaks volumes of who you are and what you stand for. May the Lord richly bless you, your company and your staff.

In Him, His littlest sheep,
Bob & Lena Marklein