Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Happy December!

I wanted to share an important project that the Thompson Electric team has been working on and focusing on the last few months- our new Mission Statement. 

      Our mission is to honor God through pioneering electrical solutions to build brighter futures.


As electricians, we are *literally* lighting up the dreams of others. When we work on residential projects we bring power to new swimming pools, detached structures, and additions.  Many of these projects our customers have dreamt of and saved for over the course of many years! Knowing this motivates the Thompson Electric team to give 110% on all of the projects we work on. It is gratifying to see a customer's face light up when they are able to flip a switch and they see their dreams come to life.

On our commercial projects, business owners entrust us to make the vision for their businesses become a reality. Some of them have literally staked their entire livelihoods on the growth of their business. Their success has the potential to change not just the future of the owners’ families but also that of their employees’ families and the customers they serve. 

We are living in a fantastic time where advancements and technology are making it easier than ever for anyone to power their dreams- at home and in the workplace. Thompson Electric is excited to be supporting our customers, our team, and our community in building brighter futures. Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me!

-Jon Thompson

Posted on 12/08/2021 12:23 PM by Jon Thompson
Wednesday, 24 November 2021

November is a month that for some is a focus on gratitude.  I am so thankful for the ways The Lord has blessed my life, and for the opportunities, he continues to give this organization.  I am specifically grateful for the new team members he has brought our way and am excited to see what 2022 holds for all of us.

I am also grateful for the relationships God has given me at work and in my personal life.  Sometimes there are disagreements that arise, and I have learned to try and listen to others with the specific intent to understand their perspective.  This doesn’t mean that I always agree, but it does mean that I care enough about these individuals to empathize with their point of view.  Proverbs 18:2 tells us that it is foolish to not listen to others and to only want to air our own opinions.  I believe this is so true for me at work, at home, and I think it is specifically true in today’s society. 

Sometimes it is difficult, even painful, to listen to someone else and not try to fix it.  I believe listening with the intent to understand others and not fix things or change their mind is a powerful tool we can use to help cultivate stronger relationships. 

Wishing you a blessed holiday season-

Jon Thompson,

Owner, Thompson Electric Inc.

Posted on 11/24/2021 5:20 PM by Jon Thompson
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