Our Principles

When you hire us, you are hiring more than just an electrical contractor. We have a history dating back to the 70's of integrity and quality. We spend hours training our employees not only on electrical practices, but also on our core values, or Power Principles.


We will be where we are supposed to be when we say we will be there. This means we exercise great care to not over-book ourselves, and to not let any customer "fall between the cracks". If we cant get to your project as soon as you need us, we will be honest about that up front.  We will not take on a project and then figure out how we are going to staff it later. We know our limits, and we make sure you do as well!


We will provide value for you, our customer, while maintaining a high quality product.  This starts with conservative spending from the ground up.  We strive to find a high value in every dollar we spend on all expenses.  Also, we spend countless hours searching for the best prices on all materials we provide. If there is any way to save money without cutting corners, you will know about it.


We will honor all commitments, keep all promises, and endeavor to go the extra mile.  This includes job site cleanliness. We clean up after ourselves including sweeping and even vacuuming your carpet!

This also applies to pricing.  We will always give you our best price up front.  If the scope of work changes, or if we run into an problem that could affect cost, you will know as soon as we do.  Pricing will be discussed before any changes are made.

Our word is our bond, and we strive daily to never break it.